Labeling and Packiing

Ticketing and Packing

If you sell online or through Amazon, you probably understand the concept of ticketing and packing. In most cases, your products must have the proper labels especially if you are selling to to the large retail stores. Every single one of them has their own requirements when it comes to the label type and size.

We have been performing retail fulfillment for a very long time. We are familiar with the Ticketing requirements of most of the major retail outlets in the U.S.A.

As a vendor for retail establishments, there are packaging and labeling standards to be adhered to, Careful packaging is essential to assure safe delivery of product.

Ticketing and Packaging

Have you ever struggled with complying with the requirements of your retail outlet? Do you know what the requirements are when it comes to the type of box and size to use.
Have you had any difficulties placing the Pricing ticket for any of the retail giants you might be working with.
All of the retail giants, such as Target, Macy’s or Nordstrom have their own requirements.
The example on the left shows a format of the label:

The label is formatted into several information zones. Each zone
contains a zone title (placed in the upper-left hand corner in 6 pt. text)
indicating the information contained in that zone.
Product labeling and Packaging is what we do

If you have hundreds or thousands of items to be packaged and ticketed, leave it to the pros to do that, leave it to us. That is what we do. We know what needs to be done and we are equipped to deal with it. Our warehouses are designed for ticketing and packaging.
Here is a sample of some of the carton requirements:
Re-shipper/ship alone cartons must be packed as a single selling unit and must have or be the following:
• Constructed of corrugated cardboard with a minimum bursting strength of 200lbs per square inch (18 kg/cm) and is the appropriate size
• Product must be centered and protected by packing materials so there is a minimum of 3” between the item and the inner wall of the carton
• Large/oversize cartons must have a reinforcement in the center to prevent collapse
• Supplier must list style number, description, country of origin (and if applicable) color and size on the outside of re-shipper carton
• If packaging of the ship alone unit is decorative it must be placed in a new, plain box
• Clearly marked ‘Re-Shipper’
• Special handling instructions (i.e. ‘Fragile’, ‘Glass’ or directional arrows) must be used. The use of these warning signs does not supplant the
packaging requirements outlined in this document
Merchandise must be packed in a NEW carton with no markings other than those of the supplier (carton label/GS1-128 or carton content) and/or box
manufacturer. If supplier or product logos are printed on the outside of the carton they must match that of the content.

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