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Shipping to Bolivia

When shipping to Bolivia look no further than Miami Forwarders. Ocean Freight and Air Freight. (LCL) to full containers (FCL), general cargo shipping, specialized items, automobile export, oversized loads, heavy equipment, hazardous materials (hazmat), and high value. We can handle all of your Ocean Freight to Bolivia . Our expert team of import and export specialists understands the […]

Pick and Pack

What is pick and Pack . In this post we will explain briefly the scope of pick and pack.Pick and pack fulfillment is the process that ensues after an order is placed with a fulfillment company such as a 3PL Company .┬áThe process could be manual or automated depending on the fulfillment company and the […]

The Future Of Freight Forwarding

When do you think about freight forwarding? I hardly believe you think of it when you pick up a toy or a toaster oven from your local store. There is a 90% chance that a freight forwarder was involved somewhere to bring the product to your fingertips. A freight forwarder is an important part of […]